The 22 amp models provided by the G3 include emulations of both vintage and modern tube and solid-state amplifiers from manufacturers like Fender, Marshall, Matchless, Mega Boogie, Sound City, Hiwatt, Orange, Two Rock, Diezel, and ENGL, each with its own distinct cabinet modeling that can be used to further alter the tonal quality. Want to add to the discussion? There are multiple symptoms here; from the descriptions it sounds like the G3 is susceptible to just about all the common sources of noise:. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Are you using this with the original factory power supply? Visit our Wiki to view the full breakdown of what each is for. Under the “pin 1 problem”, jack ground hookups act as antennae, bringing cable shield noise into the circuit board, so that it traverses a maze of sensitive circuits before findings its way off the circuit board again and to the power supply ground.

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Lots of printers don’t come with the USB cable either. I think you can see those with a click on global settings.

What good is posting that without a link to help others who didn’t get a USB with their G3! When I opened the box I was a little disappointed. It results in LOTS of high-pitched noise.

November edited November Are you using this with the original factory power supply? If you do not agree with something someone else said, please either have a polite discussion or do not comment at all. You can hear when I plug power back to laptop. Sign In or Register to comment. If so, it is probably this one: That doesn’t address all hum problems, but see what, if any, difference it makes in your various scenarios.


Please forgive me, i can be such a Klutz sometimes. What are your settings on the G3 while using it as an interface?

Log in or sign up in zook. I have never aso recorded anything in my life and barely had a chance to discover much about the G3 except some of the amazing sounds it makes. I will take my time and look into all this as much as i can When i escape from redecorating hell after this weekend! NO amount of cutting this signal out from the first unit, using EQ or noise reduction, will help very much. From the label, I can tell that this is a switching power supply, because it runs on any voltage from to V.

I need to replace the outlet.

[Question] Anyone know how to setup Zoom G3 and Reaper so that I can hear sounds? : Guitar

If all you are doing is tracking guitar, These include compressors, noise gates, filters, equalizers, and wah effects, as well as boosters, overdrives, fuzzes, phasers, and flangers, plus chorus, pitch shift, tremolo, vibrato—even ring modulation.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Open the thing up and find out whether the cable shield ground from the guitar jack goes to the circuit board incorrect or whether the ground is separately routed all the way to a common ground point near the power supply correct: I have to use laptop battery for buzz to go away.

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The G3 should work as described above.

G3 Guitar Effects & Amp Simulator Pedal | Zoom

I like the G3 but as of now It is useless for recording. Your content will be removed!!! An onboard Looper enables you to layer up to 40 seconds of performance through the effect or effects of your choice in high quality bit Most generic type wall warts are piss poor for filtering the DC voltage. Even a TC electronic tone print pedal comes with a USB lead and given the function of the Zoom G3 it doesn’t make sense to not include one.

I have the same issue with mine. After this weekend, all or at least most of the decorating will be done and i will have time to delve into my new G3 properly.

Recording on a Laptop using Zoom G3

I use audio interfaces both as recording interfaces in a DAW and as my computer’s generic sound card all the time. This easy to use software allows you to catalog, edit, and share your patches.

To put the question another way, while Asjo get used to practice recording, will the cheap printer type work okay or should I just not bother until I can get the decent one? The location of this button may vary according to your choice of layout and the TCP column width.