Custom Configuration ROM contents virtual devices. Improved support for AVT Pike b cameras. Rare crash of miniport OHCI driver in multicore or multripocessor systems. Support for FireWire Networking Firenet driver. Fire-i Ms stack fidcam.

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Unintended frame skip when using Snapshot button Fire-i app Fixed: Fire-i application should remember last FPS selected. SBP2 driver power management issues on Win8 sbp2. Unibrain fireboard 400 video capture functionality in ub April — Version 5. The Long Smart Firewire cables can extend your firewire topology to distances up to 40 meters ft without the use of unibrain fireboard 400 or Bus extenders, via a single, thin 75 Ohm coaxial type cable.

High resolution image streams cause IIDC driver video to halt. Fire-i Ms stack fidcam. Restore settings after new install does not work correctly. Multiple freeing of Map Registers by ubohci.

NMI system crash on certain Xeon systems during isochronous transmit. July — Version 1.


Unibrain Firewire PCI Lynx IEEEa Card – Mbps

Fireboarde Pro Dual is ideal for multi-camera acquisition systems that require fast and reliable data transfers to the host system.

It is highly recommended unibrainn Texas Instruments as the ideal software companion for their b chipset. April — Version 2. Added support for SBP2 interface. SYS sets initial max packet size for Format 7 correctly. Added support unibrain fireboard 400 Windows Server Operating System.

FireBoard ™ a Lynx-2 PCI adapter | UniBrain

Added software firrboard shutter support for Unibrain Fire-i board Pro and industrial cameras. Added support for Windows 98SE. November — Version 6. Cables Angled Cables 9-pin to 9-pin 9-pin to 6-pin 9-pin to 4-pin unibrain fireboard 400 to 6-pin 6-pin to 4-pin 4-pin to 4-pin Fiber Optic Cables More Cables SBP2 driver fails to recognize multiple external hard drives at boot. Improved support for AVT Pike b cameras.

Unibrain FireBoard 400 1394a Lynx-2 PCI Adapter (1701)

Fixed various issues in the isochronous engine. Ability to change the maximum address range size.


This board is by default delivered with a build-in hardware key that unlocks Unibrains Windows drivers and acts as a license for FireAPI Development Toolkit. Image streaming freezing periodically at 60 fps unibrain fireboard 400 more in Firei application.

FireBoard 400™ 1394a Lynx-2 PCI adapter

Unibrain unibrain fireboard 400 to 6-pin FireWire Cable – 4. Rare crash when using fireboarv small unibrain fireboard 400 requests on fast systems ubohci. January — Version 5. Moreover, because multiple cameras can be connected in a daisy-chain configuration, users can enjoy the benefits of simplified operation in a multi-camera system.

Saving frames in Tiff16 format, the info was truncated to 8-bit Fire-iApplication.

DMA channel multiplexing at the driver level, completely transparent to user mode. World Wide Shipping Hours: