Reply with quote Re: Hi Using Vista I have never used the Bios flashing tool. Regardless of wot command line i use to check up on that card its bios to begin whit. Got a SS7 motherboard on my test bench, I might check it out tomorrow. Posted October 30,

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I just replaced my ‘D’ drive with the sata ssd.

Look at that performance, that’s incredible. Sign in with Twitter. I will report back. After it installs the driver I get a This device cannot start Code Ive watched it on my stand alone, and i have had no Major playback issues!! The wayback version of siliconimage.

I also tried the silicon image sil3512 supplied on the website silicon image sil3512 link showed and it did not flash the card. I think I just need to tell it the correct programmer type. When rebooting, where the option rom would usually run the computer hangs.

2 Port SATA II PCI Software RAID Controller Card

You mean silicon image sil3512 have tried [B][U]here: I will attempt to use linux flashrom to program the card. Sure it will work with a Sil ?


I’m trying to make it work but it don’t seems to be ok. I did not install win98 fresh, but I am silicon image sil3512 it. Maybe this driver just enables the softraid feature I’m not using. I tested the download links, and they seem good, so we will see what happens!. If its onboard sata silicon then use xxxx. Tip, flash bios 1st.

Silicon Image SIL SATA Comtroller – OSx86 (Leopard) – InsanelyMac Forum

Or just irritates you in your situation. I have to dig up my old installer file now.

The windows version of the flash utility claims it can’t find the controller, no doubt silicon image sil3512 is probably trying to look for the now-bricked Rom image.

I got flashrom, could you please tell me how to use it? I wanna know if im going to have silicon image sil3512 before I even get to installing it. It only works in the command prompt in Windows, I did put the bios and the utility in the same folder as the directions stated, then I dragged the bios flash exe into the command prompt window and clicked enter and get the item shown in the attachment. Return to General Old Hardware.

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You can use the Silicon image sil3512 from SiI.

Its easier to flash it through device manager…. That said u still can keep the stocked raid setting of the card and just update its bios.

2 Port SATA I PCI Software RAID Card

I just got a controller and the flash chip on it is not supported by the SI Bios tools. Silicon image sil3512 important, maybe the most important thing of all. Thanks zebadee for the information, I have check the manufacturers website and no bios flash utility there, silicon image sil3512 their tech support, waiting for answer.

The card is cheap enough that I may just buy it and try it, but I wanted to check here first to see if silicon image sil3512 has any idea. Even though everythingevery driver wos installed correctly for that card no hardware conflicts wotsoever!! It just worked once and without hot-pluging.