Friday, June 1, Shirley Block answers the Dekes questions. Friday, September 22, Trimet keeps failing it’s mission. Last night dispatch sent a BDS message reminding us about pulling forward to 1st position while on layover and the open door policy. You have been warned. Click here for my analysis.

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Thursday, June 28, Calls June And there are arguments back and forth whether or not she deserves the full boot of the police state on her neck. Profound observations of the Trimet system in words or less!

Conversation with Eli Richey. Trimet has been establishing seniority of bus drivers by putting the names off all training class participants into a hat and then drawing names one at a time.

TriMet ‘bus blogger’ fires back | KATU

Rantings of a trimet bus June 28 Thursday, June 21, Calls June 20 Four complaints came rantings of a trimet bus local man Marcus Griffith, who expressed concerns the bus driver could be distracted. It was reported to me by an on duty bus operator that supervisors are using unmarked cars in a similar fashion as police unmarked cars. He had enough, I was told he bailed a month earlier than planned. Upon arriving I go to get my ticket. Portland again, with clearly marked border lines.


The poor things I believe must have been years old.

Someone was asking if the other 45 had arrived to Tigard. I stowed my stuff away and plunked down for some sleep. Anyway one driver was making a big deal out of a guy that was falling asleep and this driver cleaned up that drivers ridiculous mess.


That is absolutely, in every way inexcusable. She was going on with such dispassionate and disrespectful word usage that she actually had waiting passengers go out to the platform because they felt uncomfortable listening to this lade endlessly bitch. Monday, October 23, Trimet sock puppets meeting this wednesday. For some rantings of a trimet bus, I can drive a route with relatively few problems until the last day of a signup. Who’s making money off the Trimet? Thursday, May 24, Is Trimet really in the process of change?

ATU Trimet Union is another huge candidate in the overal scheme of things.

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I boarded the 54 toward Washington Square. She held the ticket and trumet receipt like this to show me. A trimet bus hit a pedestrian today https: Guest post by Chris Day. I finally arrived later in the day to where I was staying and called Amtrak at 10pm.


I got to customer relations and a lady answered the phone. This guy is ready for the civil war. Kelsey is Mcfarlanes hand buz successor and Bruce Warner remains the president of that sock puppet board.

The vast subsidies that control rrantings transportation industry in the United States which also in many ways has almost destroyed the transit aspect of it and give little freedom to cities, businesses or individuals to truly setup and operate transit agencies in general. Meanwhile Trimet on the ground services continue to struggle. Rantings of a trimet bus, I am not entirely sure, as there is plenty of platform to just be in front of the station.

One is to check out the system and see why it would do this.