The driver for these cards has been certified by Microsoft for compatibility with the Windows , Windows XP, and Windows operating systems. Install the OpenLDV 4. Right-click My Computer on your desktop or Start menu and select Properties. If some OpenLDV functionality is not working after installation, but before reboot, try again after rebooting your computer. LonScanner packet timestamp can drift significantly.

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OpenLDV Network Driver ReadMe

When used in conjunction with the SmartServer and i. After installing the OpenLDV 4. If you experience software behavior changes as a result of another software installation, you can repair this product installation through the openldv 4.0 network procedure:.

If you are using betwork i. This opens the License Agreement window. Echelon’s family of network interfaces includes the following:.

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The company that writes an application that uses the OpenLDV driver is required to openldv 4.0 network technical support for their product. Click the Repair button. Uplink connections are commonly used in large remote access systems in which hundreds or thousands of sites report back to a single service center.


This problem will only manifest itself if LNS 3 is installed on the computer. Double-click Add or Remove Programs. NET 4 installed does not imply that you also have Openldv 4.0 network 3.

RNI uplink calls fail in some PC configurations. The driver has not been certified for compatibility with Windows Openldv 4.0 network. This will cause all functionality added in OpenLDV 3. The OpenLDV installer installs all required drivers needed to access the i.

Select openodv Advanced tab. The network interface device drivers have been recertified for the supported versions of Windows. This occurs because the OpenLDV 4.

Opening the list of features will allow. Click the Environment Variables button. Openldv 4.0 network will overwrite the newer OpenLDV components, causing them to revert back to older versions. Consult the LonWorks Interfaces online help for more information.

If some OpenLDV openldv 4.0 network is not working after installation, but before reboot, try again after rebooting your computer. On Windowsfollow these steps: Help files used a format that was not compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

This image is not used by LNS applications, but some legacy applications require it. Enter a valid IP address or hostname in this field. Echelon’s family of network interfaces includes the following: The Echelon network interface cards formerly supported by a separate driver installation have been incorporated into the OpenLDV installation.


Normally, you are not required to reboot your computer after installing the OpenLDV driver and no completion dialog appears when the installation completes openldv 4.0 network. If you suspect that you have encountered this openldv 4.0 network, go through the procedure described in Repairing OpenLDV Installations. This has been seen on a small number of computers that have been upgraded from earlier versions of Openldv 4.0 network to Windows Various network interfaces either copy the original value of the bit in the response, or always reset it, but no significance should be attached to this.

Click Click Here for Support Information. The following are known OpenLDV problems and their workarounds. After installing OpenLDV 4.