I enjoy working as a School Bus driver. What is the culture of the workplace? I love transporting Students from their bus stop to their respective schools. If you are a substitute bus driver, there tends to be a lot of down time sitting in the break room waiting to see if you will be needed. About 40 of the schools in the Northside Independent School District will be affected by changing bus routes in the coming school year, according to school district officials. The committee is comprised of:

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Lower number of students has school districts considering consolidation…. If you are a substitute bus driver, there tends to be a lot of down time sitting in the break room waiting to see if you will be needed.

Northside Independent School District Employee Reviews for Bus Driver

Always a fresh start, new routes, and different challenges. There is a friendly environment. Want to know more about Northside Independent School District? Family members processing death of loved one killed in Highway 90 crash Traffic.

NISD students dealing with late bus issues | WOAI

Working there was an experiece and the students and staff were good to work with and I enjoyed my coworkers,boss and teachers at different schools I went to. The part i did not like about it was the split in the day. The committee is allowed to eliminate shorter routes as long as there are safe walkways to the school. There is down time between runs, which is when you take your lunch, usually like a 2 hour break. Was this review helpful? Medical examiner identifies victims, shooter in double murder-suicide on… Holy Cross coach resigns after former students accuse him of sexual abuse.


Fabulous actresses over 50 Top 10 germ-infested spots. I enjoyed driving the kids to and from school. Seguin police defend ex-officer after man with meth in system dies following ‘courtesy ride’ Defenders.

Northside ISD just alerted Frindley and other parents in the area near Raba Elementary school that the neighborhood bus stop is being eliminated. What is the culture of the workplace? However, district officials said they have alerted parents at each school about the upcoming changes to give them plenty of time to plan accordingly.

No Security in Bus Driver. The employees nids the job fun and endurable. I enjoyed the training with them, and getting buus Commercial Driver License.

One serious slip up and you will be gone. Be on time or earlier is a plus.

NISD students dealing with late bus issues

It is a job with a lot responsibilities prior to get into the road, and picking up and dropping up children from the bus and out the bus. Want to know more about working here? Communication between management and employees could be a lot better. Nixd drove a 40 feet long bus.


Good hours lots of flex time. The hardest part of the job was finding your way around your route in the dark in the early morning hours.

Rowdy kids on buses, never having a permanent route as a sub driver. What is the interview process like? The district said, “The number of routes being eliminated for next year is consistent with previous years, although it can fluctuate from year to year. My goal is 1, signatures,” she said.

Excellent Management and Co – workers! This type of job is not for everybody. If you have an assigned route then it’s not so bad because you nids your route, but if you are a sub driver, then you never know which way you may be going.