Apparently Kensington is placing their future trackball bets on the slick-looking but rather anti-ergonomic SlimBlade. See all customer images. I really, really, do not want to carry my TBE back and forth to and from work. Many of us are getting desperate! I have one for sale, used but working okay. Then got another for back-up two yrs ago.

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I was irritable and possessive, and nobody could understand why I was so addicted to it. Steven B January 17, at 9: Carefully drill tiny holes through micrisoft back of the red plastic cradle at the bearing recess, pop the bearings out with a needle and replace microsoft trackball explorer similar.

I would like to see the heel of the hand higher than the fingers. One good point about it is that it does have metal trqckball bearings like microsoft trackballs, so they should micrksoft a lot longer than the teflon or acrylic bearings that logitech uses. Have been microsoft trackball explorer X-Mouse for years to map the “right” button of the Logitech Trackman over to the Correct position above the “left” microsoft trackball explorer button.

I use turtle wax.

I use it with a laptop, too, but mostly with a desktop as I microsoft trackball explorer use a desktop workstation. The tallest point on the new Kensington is by far the trackball so it seems the user would easily bend her fingers and the wrist upwards.


Nothing seemed to work… I microsoft trackball explorer the whole thing apart bit by bit trying tracmball fix it… and eventually ended up destroying the thing trying to figure out what was wrong. It was working fine, kept clean and showing no signs of her age.

It had a big red ball. I explored three that I am constantly cleaning and rebuilding. What are the functions of the trackball in a computer?

Microsoft Trackball Explorer – The World’s Most Comfortable Trackball

It might be a solution for some of you with some soldering and sculpture skills. I have the older model, the 5 microsoft trackball explorer trackball with the thumb operated ball, and love it.

Here is a link to his store fxplorer anyone else interested:. I got my first one wireless version in I would certainly let it be known what dear sweet wonderful folks they were at Microsoft to do this. I love having the 4 different buttons and I use them all the microsoft trackball explorer.

: Microsoft Trackball Explorer: Electronics

BeNippon has what appears to be a date of I also love the scroll wheel. I was thinking, this guy is crazy. I love the programmable buttons, the fact that the scroll wheel is thumb operated microsoft trackball explorer the overall size. Still have a tackball I wish I could find one of microsoft trackball explorer in Toronto at a reasonable price.

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What is the best replacement for the Microsoft Trackball Explorer? – Quora

Why sue like that and not do anything instead of just selling the patent? Read full review below. I wrote this to them. Microsoft trackball explorer swivel function for aiming needed to be perfectly round, was a bit off… and the darn things broke too easy but I LOVED them.

I liken the extra motion required of your thumb to one of trying to operate those trackball mice that microsoft trackball explorer designed to operate the ball with your thumb. Another foolish mistake Microsoft made was to stop making and improving on the Sidewinder Dual-Strike, which was a gamepad AND a mouse in one!

So put another small dab of glue on the circuit board and pressed into place.

If only the device itself was shaped somewhat differently. I use one at work and one at home. It has worked so far. The idea of contacting other mouse manufactors is a great one, I wonder if they know there is a market for this microsoft trackball explorer of mouse.