The printer is EnergyStar-compliant and has a user-definable idle time before the printer goes into a reduced-power sleep state. Page Bend the flat tab on the side of the cartridge back and forth until it separates from the cartridge. Select Print Server Configuration and press Enter. Actual speed depends on the images printed. Finally, a multifunction inkjet printer with low-cost ink refills Finally, a multifunction inkjet printer with low-cost ink refills by Justin Yu. Setting the paper weight allows the cassette to feed paper into the printer with the precise pressure required for your paper.

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Apple also sells a envelope feeder.

Type the local queue name users will use as the name for Printer name the px. It prints the startup page every time you restart unless you turn the startup page 166/00 using either the Apple Printer Utility described in Chapter 2 or the LaserWriter Utility for Windows described in Chapter 3.

Loading three-hole punched paper in the multipurpose tray You can load a stack of three-hole punched paper in the multipurpose tray for automatic printing.

Open the Print Density category. The printer administrator can change default settings the printer uses for all documents with the Apple Printer Utility. Got it, continue to print. Replacing the toner cartridge Whenever you install a new toner cartridge, you should also clean the interior of the printer. If you cannot easily remove the paper, skip to step 5.


Preparing a server so users can install over a network If you prefer that users install their software from a laserwrjter server rather than passing around the original Macintosh floppy disks, you must copy the disks to a server as follows: In all cases we found mild banding which we expected. Press Esc until the Install utility exits. This option primter supports PostScript fax so you can print vastly superior quality text and graphics when faxing to another Fax Card-equipped printer.

Insert the envelope face up flap down with the top edge to the right as it enters the printer. Log in to the system console as root. Printer is ready for next sheet of manual-fed paper.

LaserWriter Pro 16/

Page If you cannot remove the paper, pull the paper from within the printer, first pulling into the printer, then out toward you to free it. Save all the packing materials. I found text in small sizes clear and easy to read. Page 70 When you are finished making changes, click the Close box to close the window.

Insert the paper again, printed side down, with the top of the printed side entering the printer first. Double-click the Apple Printer Utility.

Page Turning tray switching on or off Tray switching pprinter you to switch automatically between the paper cassette and the multipurpose tray or other optional paper source without reloading paper when one paper source runs out of paper. See Chapters 2, 3, and 4 for more information about setting up the printer for different network interfaces.


Page 83 m position, the mode is AutoSelect.

LaserWriter 16/600 PS

Nothing is printed; no paper comes out of the printer. Page 97 Step 2: To purchase terminators, contact an Apple-authorized dealer.

Page Step 1: Print a page from the multipurpose tray and take it out of the output tray. Remove the cardboard panel and plastic foam block from inside the printer. Printer is warming up, printing a startup page, or processing data for the next print job. It was almost as if rather than dither the images the printer just reduced the number of grays, leaving heavily banded areas on our images. Use it to choose the basic printer settings that you want to use for all documents.

Apple LaserWriter 16/600 PS – printer – monochrome – laser

You can view and change the custom communication settings for the printer with the Apple Printer Utility. Adjust the paper-weight knob only when the cassette is fully loaded.

You see the Printer Selector window.