Applications share a USB keyboard device just like they would an actual keyboard. Safety Officers spend less time on the curb and can get back into their vehicles faster. If the barcode scanner is configured as a USB keyboard device, the software cannot programmatically change the function of the device. We partner with leading manufacturers like Honeywell and Zebra Technologies to provide you with the best scanners available today. While this may not seem important to you at first, how the barcode scanner connects to the computer is critical. Besides reading a barcode, they can also take pictures, also known as image capture.

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Barcode Scanners

May 29, Because most computers and peripherals only support physical USB connections, I will limit my discussion to that type. Besides reading scahner barcode, they can also take pictures, also known as image capture. Both this decrease in errors and increase in productivity can largely be attributed to the use of a barcode scanner. October 25, Stock Call for Availability.

L-TRON Scanners

Comfortable, easy-to-use, and purpose-built, with a rugged, intuitive design. Fortunately, leading manufacturers have developed barcode readers that are built to withstand years of drops, vibration, extreme temperatures and other real-world abuse.


Choose language English Go. If you have multiple windows open at the same time, barcode scanner data can inadvertently go to the wrong application, causing confusion with officers in the field and sometimes unintended consequences or even data loss. Laser-free aiming provides an accurate scan indication, creating a customer-friendly operating environment, while removing the scannr of eye injury.

Over time, as society has modernized, so too have Police Departments. Today, I will share the next three… Read More. In case you missed it, you can read more here. GTV works with the end user to ensure the best overall plan to accomplish the stated requirements.

Learn more about lean manufacturing in this infographic. Subscribe to our Newsletter. From design through implementation and service after the sale, GTV will provide all aspects of the job requirements and insure that the job is done right the first time.

Another property of a USB keyboard device is that it supports communication in only a single direction: Designed to store safely and securely in the mobile environment when not in use. Bestselling Bar Code Readers. While this may not seem important to you at first, how the barcode scanner connects to the computer is critical.


Subscribe to our Blog. Snappy response to even the poorest grade bar – codes.

Eliminating wasted movement and reducing downtime are two ways that manufacturers can improve their operational efficiency and productivity. If you already have eCitation software and want to add image capture capability, have your software vendor contact us for engineering support.

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Posted by Alexandra Myers Date: Charlie can be reached at March 07, Posted by Elyse DeRoo Date: Many barcode scanners are actually multifunction devices. Not sure which one will work best for your application?

This class-leading durability, plus excellent ergonomics and aggressive lading performance make barcode scanners a worthwhile investment. Reliability and durability matter.

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