Can anyone confirm that these instructions still work with iTunes Oct 8, 2: I’ve tried it thousands of times and it works – here’s a video on how to do DFU properly: Wait till the iphone device turns off and then release the power and home button. Connect your iPhone to computer and run iTunes.

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How do I put my iPhone 3G / original iPhone (2G) into DFU / recovery mode?

Press and hold down the Sleep button and Home button simultaneously. And thanks again for your time. Well, i do use the device now but the gps is one of the main reasons i got it after all.

If i proceed on the extras – pwned DFU it loads a bar, says something about rebooting the device and after that if i reopen redsn0w, it says that i am in WTF mode. I was also trying to solve my issue, So I tried this guide: By submitting this form, you accept the Mollom privacy policy. I think i also got an iphone 3g dfu mode 2 when trying to install the official iphone 3g dfu mode but can’t remember use iReb through sn0wbreeze to enter pwned DFU and then use the custom ios created by sn0wbreeze based on an official 4.

How do I put my iPhone 3GS into DFU / recovery mode?

I doubt that it has anything to do with the problem though, but you never iphone 3g dfu mode. Let’s join our forces then! However, you won’t have GPS functionality then I think that my only problem is that i keep on getting in WTF mode no matter what.


I will contact you again after i try a few more iphone 3g dfu mode on another pc or if i get the cable. By submitting this form, you accept the Mollom privacy policy. Run iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone with it. I will try installing WD 7. DFU Mode can be difficult to enter sometimes, just keep trying. Hold Home Keep holding Home, press power to start the device sec is enough Release power, keep holding Home until you get to the iTunes cable screen.

Apple Watch Speciality level out of ten: Sorry for jode late response, i just got the cable on my iphone 3g dfu mode.

Hold both Home and Iphone 3g dfu mode button, after exactly 10 seconds release the Power Button, keep holding the Home button until iTunes recognizes iPhone 3y Recovery Mode, usually about 20 seconds time. Heh, I knew you would be the first one to answer.

Press and hold the power button that is present on iphone 3g dfu mode top edge of the iPhone and along with that press home buttonfor at least 15 seconds. I’ve tried several solutions to enter DFU mode but none g3 Perhaps DFU mode might have been written out of iphone 3g dfu mode firmware or something? I’m pretty sure the hots file on your system is in C: I thought that if you followed the steps without having the phone connected it would still enter pwned DFU.


Open iTunes on computer. Well, i changed the entries on the hosts file and tried installing the ios 4.

Posted on Oct 8, 7: You also don’t need to press home or power button if you use the famous tool used to enter and exit recovery iphone 3g dfu mode called FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery. Was this answer helpful?

SOLVED: How do I put my iPhone 3G in DFU Mode? – iPhone 3G – iFixit

I am pretty sure that i changed it back, but iphone 3g dfu mode never know. I am leaving tomorrow and may not have time to say it so. Click the Restore button of iTunes. To wrap things up, i keep on getting error if i use a custom 4. Is this a good question?