During business hours, I used each extensively for making and taking phone calls. Apple should stop making iPhone cases. To dial a call, just say “Call so-and-so,” and the phone connects the call. Its long boom microphone made me feel a little self-conscious while wearing it in public. Then tell the headset who you want to call.

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iTech EasyChat Review

My favorite was Slydial Voice Messaging, which lets you send a voice-mail message to anyone in your phone’s address book — perfect for the shy or very busy among us. You can install only one app at a time on your ERA; if you want to try a different app, it will replace the first one. To start a call or answer the phone, you tap on the side of the device. There are several for reading and replying to e-mails, text messages, etc. There’s no way to accept easyfhat duck a call by talking only to the headset, as is possible fasychat the Stone2; you need to tap it twice or press the Talk button.

The EasyChat has one big thing going easychatt it: Posted on Dec 18, Be the first to answer.

Unanswered Itech EasyChat Questions & Problems – Fixya

Lightweight, a variety of ear tips, good battery life, easy setup, excellent audio, automatic volume control. Am not able to pair it with my iphone. With an assistant on the other end of a call, we both rated the audio quality of the call. I started by measuring and weighing each headset and rating it for comfort, based on whether it fit correctly in my ear and was stable on my head.


Motorola’s CommandOne came close on all counts except for battery life, and the Plantronics Voyager Pro UC was just too bulky and heavy for me.

Everything was easily understandable, regardless of whether I was sitting in my office or driving with the windows easycat down. Then tell the headset who you want to call. Click here to explore similar products. The company’s Control Panel software, which you download from the Plantronics support site, connects the headset to your computer and manages the add-on apps.

Keep in mind, however, that these dongles do not work with other devices. The headset’s foot range should be adequate for walking around a hotel room or coffee shop while remaining connected.

I do tech support by phone via skype and the quality is so poor that people I ring say I sound like I’m down a long tunnel and they sound even worse to me.

Silver Lining the white model I reviewedMidnight black and redShadowbox black and black and Smokescreen easychag.

It stayed connected to my phone for 25 feet, the shortest distance of the five. Posted on Dec 11, Be the first to answer.

Jabra offers a number of third-party apps that can run on a variety of smartphones which ones depends on the specific appincluding Slacker Radio, Voice Assist which lets you listen to your e-mails and others. In daily use, its voice command system was quite effective, with the phone announcing who was calling. Unlike the other headsets, which fit into the ear and have thin usually detachable wire loops that secure the headset to your ear, the Voyager itself actually loops around the ear.


Some are extremely small, while others are larger but have longer battery life — for example, the EasyChat ran for a little over two hours, while the Voyager Pro UC lasted 7. It is extremely sad to realse skype is a partner to promote the sale of this rubbish oa product.

iTech EasyChat 306 Review

You can also manually increase or decrease the volume by pressing the Talk button, which took a couple of seconds to kick in but worked well. The CommandOne’s diminutive size is not at the expense of battery life. The phone easuchat the unit but the ubie does not see the phone?

This also works when you’re streaming music from your phone — it pauses the audio when you take the headset off and resumes it when you put the headset back on. For me, comfort, audio quality and battery life are at the top of my list.

iTech EasyChat 306 Bluetooth Headset VKRFYKESN

Either way, it should be enough for a workday of on-and-off use. The CommandOne offered outstanding audio quality on both esychat of a call. To take or duck a call, all you do is say “Answer” or “Ignore.