When the image is booted, Plug and Play PnP runs and associates the drivers in the store to the corresponding devices on the computer. Add desktop applications and settings with siloed provisioning packages SPPs. If you take an image offline and add packages, only the packages that are provisioned after the image was brought back offline will be optimized. Note When you include multiple device driver paths by adding multiple PathAndCredentials list items, you must increment the value of Key for each path. Some driver packages include multiple. This operation will take several minutes.

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Only a subset of the packages within an. Expand the catalog in the Windows Image pane, and then expand Packages. FFU commannds, which captures an applies an entire drive, including partition information.

When you use DISM to apply an answer file, the unattend settings in the offlineServicing configuration pass are applied to the Windows image.

Click Tools on the main menu, and then click Validate Answer File. You cannot use this command to remove.

A folder that contains a single expanded. You can use diskpart to get drive number information.

Additional topics might become available when an image is specified. The app will be added to the Windows image and registered for each existing or new user profile the next time the user logs in. Creates a report of the component store.


DISM Image Management Command-Line Options

This new Windows package type allows you to request services like. For FFU, this command applies a full flash update.

This is only supported for an unpacked app package. You can make changes to offline mounted or applied Windows images without booting into the operating system you’re going to modify.

DISM Capabilities Package Servicing Command-Line Options | Microsoft Docs

Adds the modified image to the existing. This is the preferred method for installing multiple packages. SPSuperseded Removes any backup files created during the installation of a service pack.

Warning Removing a boot-critical driver package can make the offline Windows image unbootable. You can use DISM to enable or disable Windows features directly from the command prompt, or by applying an answer file to the image. Provisioned app packages are added to a Windows image and are then installed for every new or existing user profile the next time the user logs on.

Optional, for split FFUs that are captured with no clmmands.

DISM App Package (.appx or .appxbundle) Servicing Command-Line Options | Microsoft Docs

Compress operating system and provisioning packages: Open a command prompt with administrator privileges. If the status is EnablePendingyou must boot the image in order to enable the feature entirely. A status of Enable Pending indicates that the image must be brought online to complete the installation.

In other words, the package will be installed when the image is booted and the online actions are processed. For example, if you use c: If you are installing multiple packages to a Windows image, and there are dependency requirements, the best way to ensure the correct order of the installation is by using an answer file.


To disable Windows features Disable a specific feature in the image.

Deploy .NET Framework 3.5 by using Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM)

If you do not specify a package name or path, all features in the image will be listed. By passing an answer file to DISM, multiple packages can be installed in the correct order. You might have to expand an item to see all its children.

You can use app package-servicing commands to add, remove, and list provisioned app packages. Note When you include multiple device driver paths by avd multiple PathAndCredentials list items, you must increment the value of Key for each commanvs. If you use DISM in Windows 10, version to capture extended attributes and use an earlier version of DISM to apply the image, the operation will succeed but the extended attributes will not be set to the applied image.

You cannot use this command to obtain package information for.