Thanks for all your help, Agent Monkey, at the very least I have learned a lot about optical drives over the last 2 days. Fri Dec 14, 2: But I switched back to win98 to do some backing up of files onto discs, and for some reason the problem persisted after upgrading Nero burning software as a good little enthusiast does when a new version of something comes out. Oh, and this drive works fine in EZCD 4. That’s all well and good, but if it’s trying to extract digital audio at a speed the drive doesn’t support, I suppose that may be my problem with the skipping. I’ll try the firmware and see what happens.

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I have never heard of the re e. I will almost certainly be returning it soon, but I’d like the input of anyone who has used this particular CD-RW drive, especially anyone who has had similar problems. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above.

I can just pick one for cheap next time I’m on “neweggg”. Then, excepting those, I thought maybe it didn’t exist at all, and somehow windows was reporting the wrong drive installed.

So, keep trying to fix it. I had a and never had a lick of trouble with it. If that sounds good, drop me an email in the profile and we can work something out. I’ll try the firmware and see what happens. I just checked and the FN09 firmware has a dos based flash utility included.


CREATIVE RWE resources and drivers

Will try the above link again, but I don’t think they have my drive listed. Sat Dec 15, 3: Figuring rw88438e was just a win2k compatibility issue, I awaited XP thinking it would fix the problem i.

OF course, all of this is moot since it’s nearly a year after this was popular. Originally posted by Ego Dog: I looked for firmware updates at Creative’s website, but my specific model wasn’t even listed.

I correct what I said earlier, my friend with the identical drive, same problem, he had never noticed because he personally hadn’t used it to make audio CDs yet. Fri Creztive 14, 6: So going back to the OEM drive Samsung is not possible.

I ignored the issue until just recently, and I’ve decided to switch to XP and wanted to back up my files. So much for my hopes to back up my Documents to Cd. Again, doing rrw firmware flash at the command prompt isn’t good enough. Nov 14, Posts: I’m having a problem with my 8x4x32 CD-RW drive.

Okay, to clear up some of the confusion, here’s the full scoop. I have the e and have not had any problems with it.


Maybe I’m just crazy, but I’ve got this sneakin’ suspision that Creative shipped a drive that’s not fully supported by the software that’s included. Again, too late to edit, but EDIT: It’s not because of damaged discs either because a. It’d be worth it to me to get rid of that origin of much stress. It is going to sleep with the fishies.

Vintage Creative Cd-rw 32x IDE Internal Drive RW8438E Re-writable Desktop White

Always just one skip, and always during the last seconds of the song. Are you doing the flash within a command prompt window or at the Safe mode dreative prompt only? I did get one to set up the flash utility that downloads with the firmware.

The drive works well for installing software, playing music with an analog audio cable connectionand writing data, but it stinks when crreative comes to DAE.