While this setting affects adapter performance, it allows installation of the operating system and up to eight adapters during initial install. Install the driver software in the Novell NetWare environment. For instructions on installing NetWare Server 5. Allows the addition of a subsystem ID of a specific adapter so that the driver loads only on the first adapter found with a matching subsystem ID. Used to set a system-wide unique hardware instance number HIN that may be the physical slot number on a slot-based bus such as PCI. Since I put this web page up and provided a workable beta version of the drivers, both Compaq and Broadcom have made newer versions available, at links shown below. This mode is protocol-independent and all traffic should be load-balanced and fault-tolerant.

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Additional Command Line Keywords. Balance Modes and Limitations. A commonly used method to install a driver on a NetWare server running 5.

LAN 6. No traffic is passed to the standby member until the primary member fails.

Duplicate MAC Addresses and UDP issues with Broadcom B57 and Q57 Cards

Notice that untagged Other versions of each driver may be obtained from the company that developed the driver. Enables or disables the transmit and receive checksum offload feature.


When INETCFG is used to set up teaming, the physical adapters being added to the team must not have any protocols bound to them before they are added to the team. B57 drivers now available for download from Broadcom’s web site. The chipset is also used in 3COM 3C broadocm cards. Installing NetWare Server 5. LAN must be version 2.

For example; an adapter trying to run speed on a cat3 cable ordinarily would not link. The default is AUTO.

This section describes how to perform the following tasks: Do the following to check if an adapter driver supports NESL events: New Compaq version of the Q57 driver 6. For systems with a PCI-X bus interface, you must install driver version v2. For systems with PCI-X broadckm must install driver version v2.

If LACP determines that some NICs are not able to aggregate because of some restrictive limitations or configurations on the switchthe remaining NICs that cannot aggregate will be idle. These links provide other driver-related information and important or helpful tips for LAN hardware testing and LAN driver development. Go directly to Broadcom’s technical support website.

Additional Command Brroadcom Keywords. This property is used when running Perform3. It is important to have the switch and adapter set properly. This mode is also protocol- independent and all traffic should be load-balanced and fault-tolerant. Enables allowing an interrupt to occur after broadco specific amount of packets is transmitted.


B57 / Q57 Lan Driver Problems – Aug. 1, 2004

Once in the download section, click on the date or version of the driver you wish to download. Note that a standby member can be used only on a Smart Load Balancing type of team.

If you modify the Autoexec.

Some of the fixes in certain versions of the drivers only fixed certain problems if the TCPIP modules were also updated. Install the NetWare support pack after you have successfully installed the operating system on the system. Disables the interrupt driven mode. The following is an example for a system with 8 ports installed: Load the network drivers for the adapters that are to be on the team.

The actual numbers will be a function of the number of ports in the system.