You might have to play around with the touch settings in Options to try and fix this, but on more than one occasion when we double tapped, and then tried to select a link, the unit zoomed in again. There are also no creaks whatsoever. Two of my friends bought the storm in March I had two storms, this was the worst phone I have ever used, it stalled, and texting was a nightmare, the Curve is better and I love my Iphone. The Storm is a Bold with a touch screen.

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How to get wifi in my black berry hand set.

Blackbberry tri-band radio is another one of those situations. Ask Your Question Fast! Pretty stupid of them to give us not final software units to review, right? The following questions have been merged into this one.

I had a really tough time using it. Our Vodafone Storm is also running 4. I perform a little blogging personally and I am always pleased to observe others adding quality information to the online community. The key pad is slow, inaccurate, i dont even like to text anymore.

There were no catastrophic problems in our daily usage of either device anyone remember the iPhone 2.

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RIM gives you up and down scroll buttons in some applications, but the one area where it is needed most browser is no where to be found. Might some people need it? We know for a fact that Vodafone will not be giving out unlock codes, at least in the U.

I took apart the unit and found that there is one button in the middle of the screen which explains why it is so damn hard to press the screen on the edges.

I heard the next generation of Blackberry models will all have wifi built in. Where your finger stops is where the scrolling stops. Just hit up mobile.

Deathcommand Level 1 Contributor 4 Answers, 1 Follower. The two metal battery latches on the two bottom rear sides makes the phone very uncomfortable to hold sometimes. Dialing phone numbers is actually our favorite part of the device. The full list of carriers is Verizon, Vodafone, Bell, and Telus.

Phone calls were crisp, clear, and the interface is really well designed. Did I buy the wrong phone?

I hate it for its poor audio quality, and difficulty in texting. Content looks sharp, detailed, has a great contrast ratio, and all around looks almost HD quality. There are around 18 x 12 dots on the screen, presumably how the touch panel registers touch inputs.


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The definition of a Balckberry ninja. Can i get wifi on my blackberry storm ? Another thing we love about the Verizon unit is the theme. It angers us that in this day and age carriers and manufacturers are still calling the shots for us, treating carriers as customers instead of customers as customers.

Make no mistake about it, you will mess up when typing a whole lot more than on your Bold or Curve, and you will have bugs and errors with the device in its current state. Verizon can have the damn thing.

Take the usability factor out of the equation for now. Learn how to get wifi for blackberry storm Is the Storm coming to any other carriers?

The fundamentals blackherry the same, and the way the OS works is the same.