Message 9 of 9. If you can send it some commands with hyperterm, that might give you a clue. NET Framework itself is not required by this driver. The solution has been given. Therefore the following are standard guesses:

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Message 2 of 6. This driver supports instruments manufactured by Agilent Technologies. For example, if you use the Getting Started VI and then place an Initialize VI in your program, the additional session handle will be invalid.

Based on what you’re saying it does not appear to be. I don’t know why you e36444a posting the same question. This method should allow you to run this example. I’m getting that error message, too. Norbert Norbert CEO: Double check behavior when setting “Simulate with” to “Don’t Simulate”.

Exactly what did you do to run a self-test? What happens if you run an auto-zero and then take the measurement?

agilent power supply control – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Message 2 of 8. You can download the help viewer from: NET Framework itself is not required by this driver.


You can also install this driver from another installation package. I would recomend that you test the com settings and cable in a program such as HYperterminal first. I get no error message but nothing really happens to the power supply.

Now COM3 is associated with the hpexa driver session, which is associated with the logical name. Known Issues This driver does not have any known defects. Is there anyone can look into this problem and give me some hints? I get error or 0xBFFE saying that the session handle is not valid. Also, if it’s a USB serial port, sometimes they get reassigned. As for using the device drivers, they basically save you the trouble of figuring out what commands to send and how to perform the communication.

Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies hpe364xa Power Supply

Using the Agilent test program I am able to set the output voltage. NET, Service Pack 2 is required. I am very interesting in reading the KnowledgeBase article mentioned above, however, I receive a message saying that Agilrnt do not have permission to read it. If you post your VI a better analysis can be done.

Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies E3644A

The solution has been given. Now if I run it, it does change the voltage level as I set but I keep getting either ‘RS framing error’, ‘Invalid character’ or ‘Invalid separator’. The RS port is incorrectly configured. In the driver session in MAX you have to configure what the exact instrument is you are going to use. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your labfiew results by suggesting possible matches as you type.


Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. In all lbaview, you don’t need to modify any code. However, the maximum sampling rate I am able to achieve doign this is about Hz.

Why am I getting this error? The program starts to run and takes an initial voltage measurement, but once the program gets to setting the output voltage to the labvview the program shows the error mentioned.